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Corporate social responsibility and sustainability isn’t as logical for any other company as it is for us. That’s because our brands play a major role during (future) mums and children’s first and most important years. We therefore feel responsible for contributing to a positive change in the world. And that makes us so much more than just a standard fashion brand. fashion brandIt’s our mission to create a Happy World for future generations. But certainly also for today’s mums. That’s why we made sure all of our processes, systems and products were (re)designed in 2020 to make sure they contribute to a Happy World.

It’s our mission to create a Happy World for future generations. But certainly also for today’s mums.

Sustainability webinar

We have implemented our sustainability strategy within our organisation and supply chain over the past few years. And with fantastic results too. 
We will be sharing our vision, strategy, results and our sustainable objectives for the years ahead in this webinar. 

Our impact in 2021

What can we, as an organisation, do to keep this as healthy as possible for every single mum (to-be) and her little one? We have set ourselves a number of goals at NINE & Co, which will ultimately help us to contribute to a better future for both people and the environment.

A sustainable chain

We like to focus on creating a healthy world for every mum (to be) and her child. That’s why we don't just devote attention to a design, but we also strive to realise as sustainable a production process as possible.

Protecting new life

We are there at the most important moments in a mum and her (future) child’s life. This position ensures we can also provide somewhat of a contribution to shaping the generations of the future. Curious how we go about this? 

Circular fashion

We want to look after the planet our children will grow up in and we want to make sure future generations can enjoy mother earth just as much as we can today. We want to invest in a circular economy with smart use and reuse of natural resources, in order to contribute to the transition to a sustainable world.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe a Happy World starts with you. That’s why we, as an organisation, are investing in our employees and we are affiliated with MVO Nederland: an organisation involved with corporate social responsibility.

What can you do?

You may never have stopped to think about this, but the way you do your laundry impacts the environment. But certainly the brands you opt for as well. Fortunately there are plenty of ways in which you can make a difference too!

Our brands

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