CSR at the Head Office

There is also a place within NINE & Co’s Head Office where our corporate social responsibility ambitions come to the fore. That’s because we believe a Happy World starts with you - and in our case at the place where all of our activities come together: at our Head Office.

Happy & committed employees

NINE & Co wants to be a workplace where people are proud of what they do and where they truly enjoy and feel energised by their work. Employee satisfaction and pride have to be our central focus points. NINE & Co is an organisation where training, personal development and education are taken very seriously and where employees are given the opportunity to continuously develop their know-how and skills. We want to invest in our people.

At the same time, we also think it’s important for our employees to know what a Happy World means to NINE & Co and that they know how they can contribute to this in their daily activities. That’s why we are devoting a great deal of attention to sustainability in company meetings and the various different working groups. We can realise the biggest difference when we all work together.

Our warehouse

NINE & Co has temporarily taken on approximately ten people in our warehouse, who are either disabled or distanced from the employment market to some extent, in collaboration with Concern for Work. These employees will be doing labour-intensive serial work, for which they have been trained by Concern for Work. NINE & Co offers Concern for Work employees a place within the employment market, but will certainly also be benefiting from these valuable ‘extra pairs of hands’ and hopes to take further steps with this concept in the future.

Social partners

MVO Nederland

Noppies is affiliated with MVO Nederland. An organisation which offers companies within various different sectors the opportunity to jointly implement steps related to corporate social responsibility. Noppies is a member of the working group at MVO Nederland, which supports smaller players in the market with realising corporate social responsibility objectives. Noppies shares its knowledge and network within this working group, thereby allowing for these smaller players’ CSR policy to be formulated, fine-tuned and implemented in the market.

Convenant duurzame kleding & textiel

The Textile Covenant consists of sector organisations, trade unions, the Dutch government and social organisations. Companies and organisations which sign the covenant are obliged to identify and combat discrimination, child labour and forced labour. They are committed to the right to free negotiations by independent trade unions, a living wage and healthy and safe working conditions for all employees. They also do everything in their power to reduce environmental damage and prevent animal suffering. They try to limit the consumption of water, energy and chemicals too and to produce less chemical waste and waste water. The target is for at least 50% of the Dutch clothing and textile sector to have signed the covenant by 2018 and 80% by 2021.


MODINT is the ultimate entrepreneurial organisation in the fashion, interior and textile industry. MODINT’s task is to create a valuable future together with its members. Themed meetings, round table discussions and online discussion forums are organised so members, like ourselves, can discuss and contribute to current topics within the fashion industry.

Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI)

Noppies is also affiliated with the Business Social Compliance Initiative, an organisation which supports companies with optimising the working conditions in its members’ production chains. BSCI offers one common Code of Conduct and one implementation and control method. Companies which decide to join this organisation can rest assured that any production chains affiliated with it will comply with the BSCI Code of Conduct. The BSCI and local agencies regularly visit our suppliers in Turkey, China and India.


Arisa is a NGO in the Netherlands which contributes to supporting and protecting human rights in South Asia, in collaboration with local organisations. Arisa’s knowledge helps us to efficiently guide our policy and to acquire an improved insight into (local) risks in our production countries.