Our culture

Welcome to our family business. We started out as a family business, which is really what we still are today, but one of brands. With just one single objective: to give confidence and joy to mums-to-be, their newborns and kids. to give confidence and joy to mums-to-be, their newborns and kids. 

Our family is growing. Both brands and people are being added, which means one specific thing becomes very important: that everyone embraces our culture, understands our company and knows what we stand for: Confidence & Joy. Based on 6 core values: connected, passionate, pragmatic, dedicated, curious and positive.


Teamwork success.

Just like a family we work together, we play together, we dream together, we laugh together and take care of each other, our planet and our future. That is when we are at our best. Our motto is: as individuals we are better together.


Work hard,play hard.

We strive for the best. We are passionate about our work, our brands and – it goes without saying – our customers and consumers. Because that is what truly motivates us.


Our Dutch roots.

A no-nonsense attitude: just do it. That describes our pragmatic attitude best. We love to keep things straightforward and clear. We do not over-complicate matters. We just do what needs to be done.


Do what you say and say what you don’t do.

We go for quality. In our work, our products and our service. We do what we say, time and time again and a bit better every day.


You have guts!

Just like children we ask ourselves questions. Why do we do the things we do? What can be improved? How can I develop myself? We strive for innovation and improvement – to do things a bit better every single day. We salute development!


Make a flower patch out of a molehill.

Energy, that is our code word. Our positive attitude gives us energy. We are energized by our work, by making our customers and consumers happy. This positivity and energy helps us all to give it our best.

Working at NINE & Co