Sustainable fashion: tips

NINE & Co, as a company, is in a position to contribute a great deal to a Happy World. And we could certainly do with your help too. Following are a number of tips for reducing your impact and extending the life of your wardrobe favourites.


Choose fair brands

Buy brands which produce nice items and which treat people, animals and the environment as well as possible. Fortunately, there are now more and more of these. Ask brands about their sustainability activities. We also enjoy telling people about all the things we’re working on.

Buy smart

Think before you buy something. Ask yourself the following question: Does it fit well? Do I feel fantastic in it? Invest in good items and always opt for quality over quantity. Top quality clothes with a long-lasting design are essential for building up a sustainable wardrobe. And sooner or later, once those little ones have outgrown their clothes, there will always be someone in need of a good item of clothing.

Wash better

Wash less, at the lowest temperature possible, don’t iron, use a sustainable detergent, hang it up in the bathroom whilst you’re showering rather than taking it to the dry cleaners. How we look after our clothes often has more of an impact on the environment than production and distribution combined, so this really does matter. The laundry bin often isn’t the right place for many items of clothing. Hang the clothing out on a rack and let the air work its magic.

Go Organic

All fabrics will release microfibres in the wash. The problem is that microfibres in synthetic fabrics are not biodegradable. These plastic fibres will eventually end up in our oceans which travel through the food chain. So in the long term, organic materials aren’t just better for the environment in general, but definitely also for everything which lives on this planet.

Repair & Rewear

Give your clothes a second lease of life by covering up stubborn stains or holes with left over fabric or patches. Time to say goodbye? Recycle, sell or gift your clothing to an organisation. This will help to reduce the landfill too.