Welcome to our family.

Vader of moeder zijn of worden is bijzonder. Tenminste, dat vinden we bij NINE&Co.. Met onze zeven merken binnen de categorieën kleding-, home- en sleep zijn we er voor (toekomstige) ouders tijdens de belangrijkste momenten in hun leven. En dat maakt ons best een bijzondere familie van merken.


Our culture

We are dedicated, passionate, curious and positive in absolutely everything we do. We most definitely feel connected to our target group too. This means we know exactly what’s needed to increase the self-confidence and joy experienced by young mums.

Happy World

We are in a fantastic place to be: right where new life is created. That’s why we feel it’s of the utmost importance to treat our planet with the utmost care, making sure future generations will also be able to grow up in a healthy world.


Our Head Office in Lelystad is working on making NINE & Co even bigger with more than 80 people. Would you like to form part of our team?


There’s always plenty going on at NINE & Co with an impressive seven in-house brands. Would you like to stay informed of all the latest news?

Our brands

Noppies Maternity

Stylish, Caring, Comfort


The most relevant
lifestyle company
for mums & kids


The best possible sleeping environment for you baby

Queen Mum

Open-minded maternity styles for worldly women